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About me

Hello, I am Rao Kan and I am in the business of helping people. I know it sounds a bit odd - the business of helping people? Let me explain. We all have a lot of potential in us. We all want to grow, flourish and prosper. While our goals are common, our challenges are different. Some of us face mental blocks, while others struggle with lack of experience. Some people need a top up in terms of education while there are many who just need someone to push them to start running.

Personal and professional growth has always been a passion for me. As an IT professional with over a decade's experience in working with corporate high achievers, I had the opportunity to observe the process of achieving success and growth from close quarters. Later, as a Team Leader, I learnt the craft of motivating and moulding people to give their best at all times. I worked with all kinds of people from various backgrounds and have learnt some key lessons in human behaviour and our relation to success and growth.

I have learnt that basically, we all need a bit of help to unshackle ourselves from whatever holds us back. No magic, no formula. Just changing our focus and direction to aim at the right target. Once we achieve focus, there is no limit to what we can
achieve in life.

So, all we need is a bit of help.

With years of working with some of the most accomplished professionals in different industries from around the world, I have developed a set of modules and strategies to empower people to fulfill their potential in order to achieve their life goals. You could be from any profession, any industry, from any cultural background - we will work with you and teach you techniques and methods to overcome inhibitions, meet challenges head on and excel in your chosen line of work.

Along with it, we will also help you explore and identify avenues to generate regular passive income without giving up your regular job or business.

Sounds exciting? Ready to take the first step? Can you turn your life around? Rao Kan says you can.

SERVICE packages

Grow your business

If starting your business is hard, then making it grow is harder especially if you want to manage the growth. It takes considerable effort - wearing different hats, dealing with sales and marketing, understanding taxes and corporate compliance, and more. It seems like a lot. But if you buckle down, clear your mind, create growth strategy, it can be a very different ride.


Create Regular Passive Income

Generally, generating an income typically requires your active participation in the form of a full-time job. But then we all know how consuming a full time job is, and how little time it leaves you with. Wouldn’t it be great to make money on the side? Who wouldn't want to make extra money without working for it every day?


Make Networking Work

Welcome to Make Networking Work (MNW). In this module, we’ll take a close look at networking - it is not a modern buzz word but has been part of us for centuries. Without being self centered or with a whats-in-it-for-me approach, there is a lot you can get out of networking. We will discuss the value of giving before we expect to receive anything.


Win Clients' Loyalty

Welcome to Win Clients' Loyalty (WCL). In this module, you'll learn about what makes two parties stay loyal to each other. How the definition of value varies from one to another. How we want to add value as soon as we receive it from the other party. How to make value-add an integral part of your job or business.


How Rao Kan’s strategies get results

Rao Kan brings to the table experience and expertise from years of working with the best in the industry in Management, Technology, HR and Finance. What you receive is distilled, focused training that you can use in your real life situation right away.

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